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Kodak EasyShare C330

Kodak EasyShare C330
Introductions and specifications

In their unrelenting efforts of taking photography to the masses, Eastman Kodak Company has made it simple and quick to shoot, print and share pictures with the launch of the C330 Digital Camera. The EasyShare option provides a complete personal photography system with or without a computer.

The latest addition in their entry level segment, the Kodak EasyShare is compact and looks pretty sturdy. Features include 4 MP resolution i.e. 2304 1728 pixels image resolution, 3x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom, auto focus, video capture and lot more. It weighs around 160 grams (without batteries), has 16 MB of internal memory and an expansion slot for an external SD/MMC card. The controls and buttons are easy to use, even for first time users.

Kodak EasyShare C330


CCD resolution
4.0 megapixels (2336 1744 pixels) Image resolution
4.0 megapixels (2304 1728 pixels) Picture quality
4.0 MP-best (prints up to 20 30 in. (50 75 cm))
3.5 MP-best 3:2 (optimized ratio for 4 6 in. (10 15 cm) prints)
3.1 MP-better (prints up to 11 14 in. (28 36 cm))
2.1 MP-good (small prints)
1.1 MP-e-mail

3X optical zoom
advanced digital zoom-5X continuous

Shutter speed
4-1/1400 seconds, long exposure max 4 seconds
Optical LCD
1.5 in. (3.8 cm) indoor/outdoor color display

The onscreen menus are clear and easy to navigate. But, a bigger LCD would have most definitely been better. Also, this camera does not have many manual settings thus making it ideal for the point-and-shoot enthusiasts.
The outer controls are well labeled making them easy to read. Four buttons along the side of the LCD allow quick access for deleting photos, toggling the display, accessing the menus and photos. The top-mounted dial allows the use of 6 different modes to shoot pictures. The Kodak EasyShare C330 provides no manual adjustments beyond ISO settings, focus zone, and exposure compensation. It has an array of presets such as Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Fireworks and Snow. Some of these are available as dedicated modes on the mode dial, while others are clubbed together under the scene-mode option on the mode dial.

Kodak EasyShare C330 Back

Other useful features include a burst mode that can snap 3 high-resolution shots at 1.5 fps. But, the camera takes another 5 to 7 seconds to reset after this. Images can be categorized into favorites or selected for printing or e-mailing using the EasyShare button at the back of the camera.

Kodak EasyShare C330 Top

The software included with the package is also easy to use and allows for easy transfer of pictures or videos and synchronization with the computer. A USB 2.0 cable is provided for connecting the camera to the computer. The EasyShare option allows the user to print the pictures directly from the camera without computers provided you have the Easy Doc which is not a part of the standard package.

The C330 has a remarkable still picture quality. It stays the same even if you choose the lower 1.0 MP resolution. The multiple flash with automatic red-eye reduction works well too (blinded my friend for a good 30 seconds). For users who want good value for money, this is something to brag about. The zoom factor of the camera is also one of its strong points. Also, the on-camera cropping feature allows you to discard the unwanted parts from pictures.
The video mode is fixed at 320 x 240 pixels and 20 frames per second and the quality is good but a better audio capture capability would have been a plus. The video quality is good for sending video-mails or laid-back captures but the C330 is of no use when it comes to recording key family gatherings. You have to set the focus (zoom) before start recording the video as the camera doesn't allow you to zoom in or out in the middle of a recording.

But, one of the most significant limitations is the battery life. It eats up power like a shredder on steroids. We, replaced two pairs of Duracell Alkaline batteries for using the camera for clicking about 50 pictures and around 3 minutes of video footage. You can almost forget taking this camera along on trips without having an extra bag just for the batteries. A set of rechargeable heavy duty batteries is a must for this cam.


Apart from the limiting factors, overall performance of the camera was good and at times better than what we were expecting. The C330 is available for around Rs. 8500 with a one year warranty, and is a good buy for new or first time users who want a easy-to-use digital camera with a fair amount of features.


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